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  1. Combination dry and oily   
  2. Bumpy feeling to entire face 
  3. Difficult to extract.

Curaa Skin Care & Cosmetics


  1. Mixed genetics/inheritance
  2. Poor diet
  3. Caustic products

Purify and Revive

Acne/Dry looks like dry skin with a rash. There can be many small bumps (papules) beneath the squamous layer, but most often they have no ‘head’ and often do not turn into pustules .  Whiteheads are accumulation of sebum beneath  the surface of skin and can be refer to as “Acne/Dry”  or "Stage two Acne " which is caused by sluggish oil glands. These glands needs to be activated in order to break up the impurities from under the skin. This skin tends to have hyper-pigmentation (discoloration) .  It appears rough and feels  bumpy.  Usually a challenge to smooth and refine because the pimples are not visible on the surface of the skin.  Patience is needed to restore the skin to the normal ph. level.  Oil glands needs to be regulated in order to renew the underlying cells.  The skin also needs to be hydrated. 

The use of caustic products must be avoided so as not to  dry the skin's surface unnecessarily or cause further discomfort to the skin.  Products used must be able to penetrate, detoxify and heal from within while allowing the surface to feel comfortable. This is achieved by a strict skin care program using  nutrients to detoxify  and regenerate the skin in order to retard the growth of bacteria and smooth the skin.

We suggest our Mint Souffle' Cleanser will gently but effectively clean and exfoliate the skin.  Aloe Cucumber Astringent An excellent toner for this skin type because this skin is usually dehydrated.  Enzyme Peel Cream is a must to exfoliate dead and damaged cells and renew.   Our Volcanic Mud  Masque or Mint Masque,  draws out impurities smooth and refine the skin and  improve the appearance of fatigued and stressed skin.  Vitamin B Day Cream  helps to regulate oil glands secretion and reduce possibility of clogged pores  Azulen D Cream helps to prevent the formation of  inflammations and pimples black heads and whiteheads and quick clearing of such problems.  It is light weight and quick absorbing with hydro-balancing ingredients  which is  combination of water, liquid and moisture to penetrate heal and nourish the skin.  The Protection Sunscreen Spf 15 or Spf 30 should be used daily to protect the skin from UVA & UVB rays.