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1 . Large pores, pimples, and                     blackheads 

2. Unattractive appearance

3. Center of the face and cheeks

    are rosy colored

     People of different race and                color, discoloration of the face

    and cheeks.

4. Irritable and Problematic

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  1. Heredity
  2. Poor diet
  3. Improper care
  4. Harsh weather

Heal and Refine

Acne Rosacea is like acne simplex, a simple uncomplicated pimple.  It is usually characterize by the area across the cheeks and noise having a ‘rosy’ color. Often this is found in people of Irish, English and Scottish decent. As time goes on this cause the nose to enlarge. In some cases the entire face is red  and irritated looking. This condition can be a challenging problem for the sufferers through out their life.  Avoiding stimulating foods and alcohol helps a great deal to prevent further irritation.  The internal use of bi·o·fla·vo·noid (vitamins eg Vit. P) seems to strengthen  the capillary structure.  Acne Rosacea can be treated almost the same as regular acne.  However strong products  often irritate the skin .  This type of acne  can be found in mature  people and worsen with age (refer to a physician if needed)

We suggest Curaa' Skin Care Products for Sensitive skin type because they are mild and healing.  When extreme sensitivity is under control treatment for acne can be used.  If in doubt refer to a Physician.