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If you want healthy skin you’ll need to take care of your face and nourish it with the right products. The best skin care regimen is one based on sound principles and includes effective products.  It’s as easy as three steps: cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize or treatment cream. You may see all of the added facial skin care products on the market and get overwhelmed; I don’t blame you. Just start with a basic skin care regimen and get into a habit of good skin care. You’ll notice healthy clear skin when you follow these steps in the morning and before bedtime.

First, wash your hands so you won't be transferring bacteria to your face.

Wet your skin with warm water to open up your pores. Apply the cleanser and massage it into your skin in upwards, circular motions leave it for a minute or so to allow it to dissolve dirt and makeup, and to let it get deep into your pores. During this time, continue to gently rub the cleanser in. Then remove, either with damp cotton pads, using a sponge, or by splashing with warm water, gently wiping until ALL the cleanser is removed. Never leave any cleanser on your face, as this encourages irritation, spots and other abnormalities.

Finish off by rinsing your skin with cold water to close up the pores and prevent dirt getting back into them, and therefore preventing blemishes. It will also leave you looking more fresh faced. Dry your face gently by dabbing it with a clean towel or paper towels. Dirty towels transfer hundreds of bacteria onto your skin which.

A few minutes after cleansing, Tone your face with toner and a cotton pad. Toner is used to restore your skin's natural pH levels which were probably altered during cleansing. By restoring your skin to its natural pH, you also make it more resistant against bacteria and micro-organisms.

Apply a small amount of toner to a cotton pad and simply wipe over your entire face, but being careful to avoid the sensitive eye area. Do not rinse off.

When the toner is dried, apply a small blob of moisturizer or treatment cream, gently massaging in a circular motion into your face and neck. This step can NOT be avoided, even if you have an oily skin type. It's especially important for those with dry skin.  If you haven't applied enough moisturizer and your skin still feels a little  tight, then apply a bit more. If you apply too much and it feels too oily, then gently blot with some tissue.


If you use a serum, start with this as they are generally gel-like in consistency and therefore potentially the lightest of your products.

If you use a gel-cream formula and your serum feels heavier, switch them around.

Use a separate moisturizer which is designed for the eye area to prevent aging or swelling.

Once or twice a week, in place of your daily cleanser, you should exfoliate (peels or scrubs).  An Exfoliator is essential because it removed dead skin cells which can leave your complexion appearing dull, and can clog up pores. This will also allow your serums,  to penetrate more effectively.  Before applying an exfoliator.  Remove makeup, cleanse the skin  then gently massage the exfoliator in outward circular motions for half a minute. Don't scrub too hard, be gentle. You're only trying to remove the dead skin, not a whole layer of skin. Make sure that you get into the creases by your nose which often get clogged up and develop blackheads.  Follow instructions on the container for more accurate instructions. 

Apply a face mask regularly at least once a week.  

Never go to bed with your makeup on.

It's also important for people to know that using several products at the same time may not only negate the benefits of each product but also irritate the skin.

Smoking, drinking and drug taking have substantial affects on the skin from premature aging to discoloration

and dryness. Glowing beautiful skin can be accredited to a good diet, healthy lifestyle and a good skin care routine.

Open Windows - staying in stuffy, dry rooms is no good. Open a window and let some nice fresh air in.

Drink plenty of water, if you're well hydrated, your skin will be too. Eat a good diet, what you put into your body, shows

on the outside. Change your pillowcase regularly to prevent a build up of bacteria. Use sunscreen daily - even if the weather

is overcast, cold or pouring with rain.


1.  Remove Make up with Astringent or toner on a cotton pad.

2.  Cleanse face with cleanser

3.  Use Peel Cream, Scrub or microdermabrasion Cream to exfoliate

         once or twice per week follow manufacturer's directions

4 .  Apply Toner with cotton pad or spray bottle and blot excess

5.   Apply treatment Cream, Sun Block, Serum or moisturizer or    


Follow this routine morning and evening and your skin will love you.

Eat healthy, Drink Water, Rest, Exercise and Avoid Stress.