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best skin care products women)



1.  Some Flakiness

2. Dry lines

3. Appears dry but oily       areas are visible

4. Pore size medium            to small

5.Clogged pores                  are visible

                                DEHYDRATED SKIN

best skin care products women


1. Irregular production of the the oil glands

2.Overexposed to  sun and wind

3.Not drinking enough water

4.Use of alkaline products on the skin 

5.Sun damage

Hydrate Heal and Nourish 

To assess Dry Dehydrated skin will require several considerations before treating this skin type.  We need to understand what causes the skin to become dehydrated. This knowledge is important to know because all skin types can show signs of dehydration even if the skin is oily.  The chart above includes a combination of Dry, Dry-dehydrated and Dehydrated.  The paragraph below will give you more information how to identify dehydrated skin.

Dehydrated skin can be found in all skin types.  This skin type usually look and feels dry also dull in appearance and sometimes  uncomfortable to the touch. Sometimes dehydrated skin can appear normal but it feels dry even though it is combination or oily skin  Drinking lots of water is necessary but it is not the remedy.   Importance is to treat the skin topically with specially designed products with nutrients that will revive, hydrate and nourish the skin.

The primary goal in treating this skin condition is to balance the moisture and oil  in the skin and include sun protection.  If the Skin is dry and dehydrated it should be treated with utmost care because of its disposition for damage (not always visible on the surface. Treat as sensitive skin)   Some times dehydration can be caused by underlying  factors that require medical attention.  ( refer to a skin specialist or doctor)


Our Gentle Cleansing Gel is designed to cleanse dry and dehydrated skin while restoring its natural moisture.   Microbermabraison Cream and Enzyme Peeling Cream will gently but effectively remove surface impurities and prepare the skin for the healing products to follow. Collagen Elastin Treatment Mask or Placental Nourishing Masque contains elements which are essential for healthy skin helps heal and deeply moisturize , normalize dry, parched skin  and help with tissue repair and stimulate collagen synthesis.  Aloe Cucumber Toner soothes and completes the cleansing process while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture.  Ultra Light Seaweed Day Cream or Bio-Hydrating Cream help keep the skin feeling comfortable all day.  It is light weight and  quick absorbing. It posses soothing and ant-inflammatory properties as well as the ability to help increase oxygen utilization by the skin and offset damage cause by premature aging.   Sun Protective Cream contains filters for protection against UVA and UVB rays.  Under Eye and Neck Cream for fragile tissues around the eye and on the neck