Curaa Skin Care Products


                                                                      DRY SKIN   



1.  Visible flakiness.

2. Dry Skin lines.

3. Tight uncomfortable feeling.

4. Rough Scaly Skin.


1. Lack of production of the oil                    glands.

2. Overexposure to sun and wind.

3. Loss of moisture.

4. Excessive bathing.      

5. Use of alkaline preparations on            the skin. 

Moisturize, Hydrate and Heal

All skin types can show areas of dryness.  Dry skin  usually has few oil glands and small pores.  It is usually flaky around the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead.  This skin wrinkles early and can start at an early age.   These wrinkles are generally fine and shallow in depth.  Dry skin is usually thin to medium texture and can feel rough because of a build up of dry skin cells.  We must note that dry skin comes in all ages, but it must have fine lines and small pores in order to identify this skin type.   Dry skin can also be dehydrated (water deficient).   As a person age environmental damage causes the skin’s barrier to diminish considerably, therefore people who had normal to combination skin earlier in their lives may later develop dry skin later because of a decrease in the lipids between the skin cells. To normalize this skin type we need to replenish the natural oils , hydrate and nourish the skin within.   


We suggest Curaa'  Gentle Cleansing Gel for most skin types including Dry, Sensitive and and Mature skin. For excessively Dry/sensitive  and very sensitive skin we recommend Chamomile Cleansing Milk, Microdermabraison Cream or our Enzyme Peel Cream exfoliates dead and damaged skin cells while revealing new and healthy smooth skin. Aloe Cucumber Toner for most skin types including Dry and  Dehydrated skin is designed to complete the skin cleaning process while restoring skins natural moisture and maximizing ph. balance-- Collagen Treatment  Masque or Bio Hydrating Masque  rich in trace elements of manganese, zinc, iron, iodine, magnesium, amino acids and proteins.  It helps improve oxygenation, detoxify tone, stimulate, hydrate, and deeply moisturize to increase skin elasticity. It normalize dry, parched skin and help help in tissue repair and stimulated collagen synthesis.  Collagen Elastin Cream and Bio-hydrating Cream gives the skin protection from damaging free radical and prevents premature aging.  It is especially beneficial for dry and aging skin.   This unique formulation helps skin maintain its natural amino acids and elasticity while moisturizing and balancing.  Sun Protective Cream  SPF-30 is designed to provide maximum sun protection while promoting natural moisture.  Under Eye and Neck Cream for fragile tissues around the eye and neck .