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Numerous disorders and diseases results in hyperpigmentation of the skin.  This can cause darkening of the skin.  It most often occurs in a pattern of splotchy discolored macules and patches.  Hyperpigmentation can also result from injuries, rashes, or chemical irritation.  

Sun exposure is the major cause of hyperpigmentation problems  Sunscreen should be used daily..

Hyperpigmentation can happen in skin of any color,  but the problem is most prominent in skin of color.  Darker skin produces larger granules of melanin and the melanocytes may be deeper in the skin then they are in Caucasian skin. Individuals of Mediterranean, Arabic, or African descent, Asians and Hispanics very likely to have problems with hyperpigmentation. These clients are also likely to be slow to respond to treatments.

The treatment of hyperpigmentation  requires patience because  of variables such as hormones.   Inflammation or irritations can often cause or aggravate hyperpigmentation because of  over use of exfoliating agents to the point of irritation, or any other harsh treatments that leaves the skin excoriated or chronically irritated can cause or worsen  hyperpigmentation.

Curaa' Skin Care have selected gentle and effective  Fading Cream  helps fade dark spots (hyperpigmentation) on the skin. It contains free radical fighting antioxidant.  An excellent moisturizer and fading cream for non-oily skin types. It prevents moisture loss, while helping to fade dis-coloration of the skin.

Fading Gel with Kojic Acid  for non oily and sensitive skin types.   Helps lighten and remove unwanted skin pigments. After cleansing with your Curaa' skin Care daily program follow manufacturer's directions.  Do not apply to broken or irritated skin if other problems exist consult a doctor.  After application follow with a sun protection cream in morning, evening and night. Aloe Vera Soothing Gel or Ultra lite Seaweed Cream  Sun Protection SPF 15 or Spf 30.