Curaa Skin Care Products


Mature and Aging Skin


  1. Flaccid feel to skin
  2. Lines around eyes and deep                         furrows at nose area
  3. Nose
  4. Neck is saggy.
  5. Sallow or rosy coloring

Curaa Skin Care & Cosmetics


  1. Sun exposure 
  2. Age.
  3. Improper care

Refine and Smooth

All bodies age.  In the skin care world we are in the business to help  nourish the skin and body helping it to stay young and beautiful as possible, but aging is inevitable. When you observe your face ask yourself,  is my skin too wrinkle for its age?  Some reasons are:  genetics, illness, smoking, excess drinking (including coffee, tea and soda)  Poor eating habits, sun exposure, cultural differences and skin color.

Maturing and aging skin lacks collagen. The skin loses suppleness and firmness.  Hyper pigmentation is usually seen and the architecture of the face change.  Fatigue, dryness, stress health problems and sun damage affects the skin.  Mature skin can be improved even if the skin cannot return to  it's vital condition of youth.  Aging skin for much older adults needs more attention if the skin had been neglected for a long time. With continued care you will have healthy and  younger looking skin.  Curraa' Skin Care Products can help the refining process.  You will see results with continued use.

We suggest Gentle Cleansing Gel designed to treat various skin types.  It is excellent to be used for mature and aging because this skin type can be sensitive..  It removes skin impurities  and rejuvenate and nourishes the  skin.. Enzyme Peel Cream or Herbal Peel Gel helps to smooth, even skin tone,  refine and minimize fine lines.  With continued use the skin will have a healthy and refine appearance.

Aloe Cucumber Astringent Toner hydrate, tone, close pores, nourish, sooth and balance the skin completing the cleansing process.    Collagen or Paternal Masque Treatment Masque enrich the skin with soluble collagen prevent early appearance of wrinkles, help the skin breathe easily during cell renewal.  Chlorophyll Tightening Masque natural milk proteins, plant extracts, seaweed extracts and minerals tighten the skin, help enhance blood circulation, help diminish fine lines, help to create youthful appearance. Collagen Elastin Cream helps prevent early signs of aging, firm and nourish the skin.

 Placental Cream a regenerating anti wrinkle night cream.  Improve elasticity, nourishes, revitalize, moisturize and restore supporting tissue in aging skin.  Beneficial to skin, neck and declotte'.  Sun Protective Cream Spf-30 UVA & UVB protect skin fro harmful rays. 

Other treatment care are:  Under Eye and Neck Cream.  Face Line Lift (instant facial lifting System)