Curaa Skin Care Products



                                           NORMAL AND COMBINATION SKIN


  1. Clear complexion 
  2. No excessive dry or oily areas
  3. Smooth and silky feel 
  4. Accepts makeup 

5.    Very little congestion of pores

**Combination Skin Explained below

Curaa Skin Care & Cosmetics

1. Protection from overexposure to                 sun.  

2. Well balanced diet 

3. Proper cleansing

4. Enhanced by use of correct      

     skin care products 

 Normal Skin                                                                                           

Refresh and Revive    

Normal skin can be classified as combination skin because all skin types have more sebaceous oil glands in the T zone than any other areas of the face.  This skin type  is usually plump, soft and smooth and has even pores and color tones. It functions well and has no excess oil or dryness.  Treatment needed is to maintain and protect the skin from environmental damage.  The goal is to help the skin maintain it's health and does not develop blackheads and other imperfections. We suggest these daily maintenance Gentle Cleansing Gel, Pineapple Scrub, Aloe Cucumber Astringent,  Volcanic Masque, Light Seaweed Cream, Sun protection Spf-15.

Combination Skin

Combination Skin usually looks like normal skin except  the T Zone has more oil glands and larger pores and blackheads. These are usually few and small in size.   The cheeks, forehead and hairline are often non-oily and tend to be normal or dry.  Closed comedones and few pimples  are sometimes visible on these areas due to lack of proper cleansing. This skin type may need different types of mask for these oilier areas.  We suggest the mint masque.

 We suggest Gentle Cleansing Gel , Pineapple Scrub, Aloe Cucumber Astringent or Menthol Astringent Toner, Volcanic Masque or Mint Masque (if breakouts are  more), Azulen Day Cream or Ultra Light Seaweed Cream, Blemish Tar (on T-Zone), Sun Protection Cream Spf-15.  You can also use products from our problem skincare line if blackheads and other imperfections develop or become aggressive in certain areas