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Oily Combination


  1. Enlarge pores 
  2. Blackheads   
  3. Course skin  
  4. Resists makeup 

5     Melia (whiteheads)

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1  Overproduction of the oil 


2. High humidity.

3. Unsuitable diet

4. Improper cleansing.

5. Use of incorrect preparations 

    on the skin

 Decongest & Refine

The general look of oily skin is an overall oily sheen to the face.  Oily combination skin has large pores in the T-Zone which usually has blackheads.  If this skin is truly seborrhea (heavy discharge from sebaceous glands) blackheads and large pores can be found all over, sometimes even in the ears.  If this is so then this skin type would be diagnose as Oily Acne.  If  however  the skin has less oil and blackheads are found only in the T-Zone and on cheek areas next to the nose this skin would be diagnose as oily combination or stage one acne.   

Oily combination skin surface often has a waxy thick, rather opaque look to it and can fool you into thinking its dry.   Oil secretions can cause the keratinized epidermal cells on the surface to cling together and not slough off, causing an opaque buildup.  Don’t be mislead by this, if there are large pores and blackheads, it’s oily.  Oily skin is not restricted to any specific  age group or skin type. Your aim is to get rid of blackheads and white heads  often found in this skin type.  In more oilier areas a special mask can be used..

We suggest Mint Souffle' Cleanser formulated to effectively cleanse and treat oily/combination skin.  Enzyme Peel Cream follows the cleanser with gentle yet deep exfoliation to remove impurities from  clogged pores and even skin tone.  Menthol  Astringent soothes, hydrates  and nourish. The Mint Mask calms and heal or apply Camphor Masque for areas that have more aggressive pimples on these areas to dry out pimples  We also recommend Vitamin B Day Cream to be used daily.  Apply Blemish Control Tar on areas where pimples are more aggressive.   Sun Protection  Spf-15 is recommended to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays.