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                                                    SENSITIVE SKIN


  1. Thin Skin especially on cheeks  
  2. and nose 
  3. Can see small veins on eyelids 
  4. Sensitive to touch  

Curaa Skin Care & Cosmetics


  1. Strong products 
  2. Harsh weather 
  3. Stimulating foods or or alcohol
  4. Heredity           

Purify and Heal

Sensitive Skin

As with all skin types this condition can be found in all ages and because It has several characteristics.  This skin can be thick or thin but it is always reactive.  Most often this skin type is generally fine skin that has dry pored epidermis.  It  also appears to be beautiful skin.  It is usually pink to red.  For ethnic skin brownish or discoloration and clear with a smooth appearance .  A closer look however reveals a parchment look or feel.  Flushes easily and may be uncomfortable or painful (reactive)  when touched.  It is usually aggravated by topical substances and environmental conditions. Sensitive Skin requires utmost care and gentleness .  

We suggest Curaa'  Gentle Cleanser, Aloe Cucumber Astringent, Azulen Soothing Mask,  Aloe Vera Gel. Enzyme Peel Cream for exfoliation (if skin is not broken)

Sensitive/: Rosacea is a recurring inflammatory disorder of the skin of the nose, cheeks, and forehead that is characterized by swelling, dilation of capillaries, pimples, and a reddened appearance. 

The  skin is very rosey in color and is even more reactive than sensitive skin. This skin should be treated the same as sensitive skin, with more caution and gentleness. We suggest products for sensitive skin selected above.  If in doubt refer to a Physician.