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affordable skin care products

affordable skin care products
The Skin.

The health and appearance of the skin is of concern to almost everyone. The skin is the largest and most important organ of the body.  It has immunity response to organisms that touch or try to enter it. The skin is elastic and resistant.  Under normal conditions it renews itself.  It function as a protective covering for the body, preventing the entry of micro-organisms and other harmful substances.  Sensory nerve fibers in the skin react to five separate and basic sensations: pressure, touch, temperature (such as heat, cold and pain)

Every inch of the skin contains millions of cells, intricate network of blood vessels and nerves.  In addition the skin contains pores which are opening for hair follicles, sebaceous glands and sweat  glands.  The sebaceous glands produce the sebum (oil) which lubricates the skin.  Most skin problems are seen on the epidermis, (the surface layer of the skin).  Problems however  can starts in the dermis, the layer that lies just below the epidermis.  This layer  is also called cuticle or scarf skin.  It  contains no blood vessels  but has many small nerve endings.  The epidermis protects the delicate tissues of the body from injury.  This protective ability of the skin is due to  the fact that it is made of a substance called keratin ( protein substance) 

The dermis is highly sensitive, maybe because of the  vascular layers of connective tissues.  Within its structure are found numerous blood vessels, lymph vessels, nerves, sweat glands, oil glands, hair follicle,  arrector pili muscles, and papillae.  The dermis is also made up of collagen( a form of protein fibers) This substance gives the skin strength, form, and flexibility.  The blood vessels, fat cells, oil and sweat glands are held together by collagen fibers.  Wrinkles and sagging, occur  when the collagen fibers loses their flexibility.
affordable skin care products
Blood and lymph supply nourishment to the skin.  As they circulate through the skin, the blood and lymph contribute essential materials for growth,  nourishment and repair of the skin, hair, nails.  .
Although the skin is an intact outer layer of the body, it is in indented by hair follicles and pores. These openings are resistant to bacterial attack, except in certain cases where they show up on the surface as pimples, boils, blackheads and  cysts.  This is usually due to internal abnormal functions in the body or in the dermis.  These pores are also beneficial because they will  allow the entry of drugs, chemicals and special creams  serums, oils, minerals and many more substances in order to combat infections in the skin.  These creams may also be used as skin conditioners to help overcome dryness or damage (eg. vitamin creams)
affordable skin care products

Skin breathing

The skin is said to breathe because it takes in oxygen and discharge carbon dioxide.  The amount of carbon dioxide released by the skin in one hour, is about one percent of the carbon dioxide released by the lungs at the same time. Therefore it is dangerous to coat the skin entirely with a substance which interferes with this breathing process.  There are cases such as the use of gold paint to coat the body has resulted in death by asphyxiation.

affordable skin care products

Shrinking Pores

It is possible to make pore (follicle) openings smaller.  Dirt, dead cells, makeup, and other substances can form a plug in the pore.  This plug (commonly called a blackhead or melia), stretches the opening of the follicle.  When the plug is removed the follicle becomes  smaller.  When the skin is maintained by using our   deep pore cleansing facial treatments they help hundreds of follicles to be cleansed.  In time the result is,  the pores will appear smaller giving the complexion a more refined  appearance.

affordable skin care products


Another problem is the effect of water on the skin.  The skin is itself 50 to 75 percent moisture and  is able to maintain this level, only by the secretion of sebum or oil which coats its surface.  This layer of oil slows down the evaporation of water in the skin and prevents excess moisture from penetrating the skin.   However harsh and incorrect products used can remove these natural oils.

As the oil barrier is lost the, skin cannot prevent its cells from becoming dry and scaly (chafed).  If further expose to drying winds, cracking and bleeding take place.  This is more frequently noticed in winter than in summer, because the cold usually restricts the flow of blood to the dermis and the evaporation of the skin moisture, cannot be balanced by a greater flow of blood and lymph. Therefor special attention should be noted during these months to hydrate the skin.

Understanding this brief review of the epidermis, dermis, sweat glands, blood vessels, lymph, oil glands, nerves and cells, will help you understand why these underlying activities affect the skin from within.  The outer layer that is exposed to the elements requires proper care and nourishment.  This will help the skin maintain its health and look younger. Therefore the skin’s outer layer or epidermis must be nourished and  protected especially the delicate and exposed areas such as the face.  Curaa' Skin Care Products will help maintain your skin’s organic balance and correct skin conditions by retarding  the growth of bacteria within the pores.

Curaa’ Skin Care and its members are not claiming to cure diseases but to help you understand the function of the skin, in order to help you select the correct product to maintain its normal function.  Any excessive abnormalities such as skin diseases requires a physician. 

Read about the different Skin Types and Skin Conditions on the section “Skin Types."  You will be able to recognize your skin type, characteristics and causes, in order to select the products specially designed for you.  You can also fill out the consultation form if you need personal suggestions on your skin needs.

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